Groundwater Associates LLC provides permitting and inspection services to the oil and gas sector, specializing, but not limited to, projects which are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and all State, and local agencies. Our staff can assist with any of the following services:


  • Potential Project evaluation and assessment services
  • HDD evaluation and engineering
  • Compressor/Pump Station design and support work
  • Civil Survey

Project Management

  • Assist client Project Managers
  • Owner’s representative Project Management
  • Total build turnkey services


  • FERC/non-FERC total Project permitting (including cultural, land acquisition, etc.)
  • Permitted transmission and storage projects in nearly every State
  • Waters of the U.S., erosion control experts, Section 404

Construction Support

  • Personnel training
  • In-situ Project Management
  • Construction Superintendent, Utility and Craft Inspection
  • Environmental Construction Managers/Inspectors
  • Land Agents/Civil Survey