Groundwater Associates LLC (GWA) is headquartered in Michigan with offices in Texas. We are a company dedicated to providing engineering, project management, construction support, environmental permitting, and training and inspection services throughout the United States.

Our dedicated staff are able to provide potential project evaluation and assessment services, HDD evaluation and engineering, FERC and non-FERC project permitting including cultural and land acquisition, personnel training, construction superintendent, utility and craft inspection, environmental construction managers and inspectors, and land agents and civil survey. Our primary purpose is to provide outstanding support to our employees who will in turn provide our valued clients with the consulting experience that they deserve.

Carlos Labadia Sr. has more than 20 years of professional experience as an Environmental Construction Manager, Environmental Inspector, and FERC Third-Party Monitor on many FERC and non-FERC projects throughout North America. Additionally, he has managed the environmental and cultural permitting of many FERC and non-FERC projects throughout the region having worked in nearly all 50 States and most of the Canadian Provinces.