Groundwater Associates, LLC is dedicated to solving difficult project management, environmental permitting, engineering, GIS, and construction support challenges for the oil and gas industry and other clients that require total environmental solutions. We specialize in providing innovative and cost-effective services for select clients that require cutting-edge project and construction management ideas.

Groundwater Associates LLC has provided dozens of training sessions to its varied clients on topics related to wetlands delineations and protection, erosion and sediment control, threatened and endangered species, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Upland Erosion Control, Revegetation, and Maintenance Plan (Plan), and Wetland and Waterbody Construction and Mitigation Procedures (Procedures).

The core of GWA’s business is comprised of natural gas and oil storage, compression, and pipeline projects that require highly-specialized route selection, engineering, permitting, and construction support professionals that understand the uncompromising nature of the business.

GWA is actively involved in the Fayetteville (Arkansas), Marcellus (Pennsylvania), Eagle Ford (Texas), Barnett (Texas), and Permian Shale (Texas) plays. GWA is well-positioned to provide its clients with on-site technical expertise from its satellite offices that are located in Mississippi and Texas.